Elective - Game Thinking
“In Game Thinking, we use what we know about
motivation in games to make experiences more meaningful, engaging, and
inclusive. I want to take you on a thought-provoking journey through the ways
we can use the 10 Key Player Motivations to teach better, collaborate more,
and solve problems in unexpected ways.
Length: 2 Weeks
I created an AR drinking game for parties. I used Spark AR software on this project. We had 5 full test runs of the game between 9 different people around me to make sure it works smoothly
App Design
Animated displacement maps on 3D animation.
I was fascinated with the idea of having a displacement map on a 3D render that is animating but I knew it would've taken me ages to figure everything out, I never had the time to explore it.
Creating the "animated" textures on After Effects
Little Explanation: What is a displacement map?
Displacement mapping is a powerful technique that allows a texture input, either procedural or an image, to manipulate the position of rendered faces
Figuring out how all the "normal" displacement maps worked and creating the 2D textures.
Base Model
Creating Texture 1
Creating Texture 2
Creating Texture 3
Creating Texture 4
Creating Texture 5
(This took me way longer than I thought)
Animated Pattern 1
Animated Pattern 2
Animated Pattern 3
Applying the textures on the 3D models
Animated Pattern 4
Animated Pattern 1 applied on the base object
Animated Pattern 2 applied on the base object
Animated Pattern 3 applied on the base object
Animated Pattern 4 applied on the base object